A Thanksgiving Guest

The Thanksgiving guest that came to my house was ‍‍‍‍Miss Piggy‍.‍When ‍‍‍Miss. Piggy ‍‍‍came to my house I was super excited. I explained to her what we were having for dinner and desert‍. Miss Piggy‍ said 'Where are the donuts?' I said 'It's a surprise!!' We went downstairs to play Tap Tap Muppets on my IPad2 and Miss Piggy won. Later my friend (Erica or Carina) came over. Miss Piggy was really nice to her. After we played one more game of Tap Tap Muppets it was time for dinner. We had Turkey and Stuffing. (But not pork.) Then ‍Miss Piggy‍ ran to the TV. Miss Piggy asked my mom "Can I buy this sneak peak of the Muppets?" My mom said "No." Miss Piggy bought it anyway. We watched it and my mom brought us Strawberry frosted and pink sprinkled donuts. They were delicous. That was the time Miss Piggy came to my house for Thanksgiving.


Thank you for reading!
by: Carina and Erica We love you Miss Piggy!!!!!!
Miss_Piggy.jpgThis is the picture we took when Miss Piggy came over kermit_the_frog2.jpeg We took this picture too P.S. Kermit came over after.
We als took this picture!