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The Sisters Grimm is a book where modern life joins fairy tales. The book is about an older bossy over protective sister named Sabrina and a younger
adventurous sister named Daphnee. One day after school the two sisters came home to find that their parents were not home. They waited all night and all the next day but they didn't come home when the police found their parents car in the river with a red hand print on the wind shield they sent the girls to a orphanage. They spent a year with a mean grumpy guardian who was hired to find a foster parent for them. Some how it always was some type of criminal who just got out of prison (they think their guardian Ms.Smirt has some thing to do with that), once it was a famous knife thrower looking for new targets i mean daughters. When the orphanage finally found a relative of the girls they sent the them there immediately. The girls soon find out that the brothers Grimm are their great great great great grandfathers and even more amazing their stories are real. Daphnee was quick to believe that but Sabrina not so much. That is until their grandmother and her friend Mr.Cannsis gets carried off by a giant! Now it's up to Sabrina, Daphnee and a troublesome fairy boy named Puck to save them and to find their parents. There is an unseen unheard evil at work this is the first book in Sabrina and Daphnee's adventures. So if you want the full story read the whole seris. The Sisters Grimm is a book that ranges from 200-300 pages and 10- 12 chapters, and if you like fairy tale mysteries this book is good for you. This is a thrilling book by Michael Buckley.

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Daphnee, Sabrina,Puck
Daphnee, Sabrina,Puck